Paleo Pot Sticker Dumplings with Squash Flour and Coconut Sauce

May 13, 2015



  1. Prepare the filling first so it has time to cool before you fill the dumplings. Mince the meat and veggies into very small pieces, no larger than 1/8″. In a large skillet, warm the olive oil and add in the veggies. Saute for 3-4 minutes until onions become translucent. Add garlic and chicken and saute for another 2-3 minutes until chicken is cooked through. Just before turning off the heat, add cilantro and seasoning to taste.

  2. Set aside to cool. Begin preparing the dough.

  3. In a large bowl, place the flours and salt, creating a well in the middle. Add the egg and oil and use a fork to blend in the wet ingredients. As it starts to remeble a dry dough, add the water and slowly and mix to combine. Once dough looks like it has come together in a ball, use your hands to knead it gently until smooth, about 1-2 minutes. Set aside for 10 minutes with a damp towel covering the bowl.

  4. Roll out the dough onto a clean counter top or cutting board into sheets about 1/8″ thick. For medium sized dumplings like those pictured, cut about 3″ round circles of dough using a biscuit cutter or cookie cutter. The edge of a large glass or ceramic mug works fine too if you grease it.

  5. Now, place about 1/2 tablespoon of filling in the middle of your dough and fold over, pinching the edges of the dough to seal. It’s important you create a tight seal on the edges of your dough so they don’t open up in the water. Continue cutting and re-rolling sheets of your dough until you’ve used it all. Let prepared dumplings rest on a sheet of parchment paper until ready to boil.

  6. Heat a large pot of salted water. Place the dumplings in the boiling, salted water one at a time so they don’t stick together. They will need about 2-3 minutes in the water before moving to the pan.

  7. In a pan or wok, heat a couple tablespoons of oil and add the dumplings once hot. Heat for a couple mins on medium heat before flipping. Saute for another couple minutes then serve hot with a side of coconut aminos.