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Anti-Grain Flour Variety
100% U.S.A Made - 24oz

All our flours are made solely from domestically grown produce that have been drum-dried and milled right here in the U.S. of A. The result: vibrant, all-natural flours packed with both phytonutrients and flavor. They mix well together, as well as with nut and other alternative flours in all sorts of sweet and savory dishes. Read more about how to use Anti-Grain flours. Also available on

All Anti-Grain flours are naturally:

Grain-Free | Gluten-free | All-Natural | Vegan | Nut-free | Non-GMO | Paleo-Friendly

We're sorry for the inconvenience, but our Variety Packs are temporarily out of stock. We are taking back-orders and are expected to begin shipping by mid Feb.

So much greatness inside:

5 Butternut Squash

Contains one 8oz bag of each:

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