Customer Recipe: Nut-Free Paleo Waffles made with Apple flour

Sep 16, 2015



  1. Warm your waffle maker to medium (or what you know to be best for your maker).

  2. In medium bowl, whisk eggs until uniform in color.

  3. Add milk, oil and vanilla, vigorously whisking until incorporated (using a stand or hand mixer makes this simple).

  4. In small bowl, combine dry ingredients.

  5. Add dry ingredients to wet and mix well until fully combined. Note this batter is fairly thick and not runny like a classic batter.

  6. Pour appropriate amount of batter into waffle maker and cook until steam no longer seeps from sides. My waffle maker allows for 2 waffles, but each maker is different.

  7. Remove waffle when done and top with refined coconut oil (tastes like butter, not coconut) and pure maple syrup. Serve with a side of meat & greens for the perfect brunch!